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    Flash Movie runs Choppy


      Hi, hopefully someone has some ideas on how to better pull off what I am trying to do.  I have a movie clip that animates a background.  I am trying for an effect of the background getting larger, as if someone were zooming through some clouds and getting closer to the earth.  The clouds get larger, fade away, and the earth comes in to view, also getting larger, fades to some ground that is getting larger as well, until the viewer stops atop a hill.  The movies dimensions are 900 px wide x 750 px high.  I've made the background graphic much larger than the document size, so when the image gets bigger, its edges flow out of view.  For instance, The cloud image starts out far away, then I have a classic tween of it getting bigger, fading its alpha channel away, with the next image of the planet ground under it coming into view, also tweening in to a much larger image and fading out, etc.  The problem is that between each image fade to the next one, the movie wants to stall briefly, making for a rather choppy, rather than smooth, transition from each image.  Any idea why this is happening and how I can make it play smoothly through the transitions?  You can see the file run here: http://www.millenniumdesign.us/index2.html.  Thanks.  Hope my description was clear.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Except for the planet shot, I don't really get a sense that things are zooming in... seems more like they are just changing from one to the next.  You might try slowing it down first to work on the getting visual effect working, then speed it up if you really need it working that fast.