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    No audio assets folder


      I just installed Presenter 7 and created a PPT - I m trying to import audio and everything looks ok, but when I click on sync, I get the message: "Adobe Presenter cannot locate the audio assets file and the audio file atta ched to the slide.  Please import the missing audio file again."  The thing is, this is the first time I have used Presenter.  I cannot locate an audio assets file or a .PPC file (which was mentioned in another discussion).  Is there a way to create these files since they do not exist?  Have I done something wrong?


      As I said, Presenter does allow me to import the mp3 track, but then it seems like the audio disappears when I try to sync or publish.

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          I always keep a backup folder with the audio in a separate folder. I name the audio files 1-1_intro.wav or .mp3 or something like that, so that re-importing them is annoying, but not time-consuming. Then when this happens, and it will again. Then you just reimport the files. Sometimes, when this happens, the audio track is still there. Try copying the ppt file to another name and try to publish it again. It sometimes works. When you import or publish, (I'm not sure at which point in the process the new files are created) Presenter creates copies of the audio files, that do not have recognizable names, just a string of numbers. You will have to listen to them, and search your presentation to determine to which slide the audio applies. If you have the backup directory with the audio named as the slide numbers, reimport will be faster. Also, you might want to get a WAV editor (I use WAV Pad Sound Editor - Free Download). When you edit the audio in PPT, Presenter stores the changes in a code that sits on top of the original audio, it does not edit the actual audio file. So when you lose the audio...yes it happens sometimes, you will not only lose the audio in PPT, but the changes too. Make your changes in a separate program, save them to the backup audio directory, then import them into PPT/Presenter.

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Make sure you do the updates to Presenter. The installer file installs version 7.0.0, which is notorious for deleting your audio files...


            There are 3 updates.

            7.0.1 - fixes the major bugs (like deleting your audio when you save the project)

            7.0.2 - fixes more bugs and improves the PPT 07 integration

            7.0.5 - fixes a few more bugs and makes the PPT 07 integration even better.


            They need to be run sequentially, as they are not cumulitive updates and can be done through the Adobe Updater or the updates sectoin of the Help portion of the Adobe Presenter menu in PPT.


            Do that and you shouldn't see this error any more.

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              Jesst124 Level 1

              I will be out of the office starting  17/12/2009 and will not return until



              I will respond to your query on my return.