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    calculate the start-up delay

    lllgy Level 1

      I run the GGTrackingPlugin and know how to track the event which is from the user's behavior, such as click the "PLAY" button. Now I want to collect the events which I can calculate the start-up delay. So I need define a timer in order to calculate the  difference between receiving the "NetStream.Play.Start"  and "when I click the 'PLAY' button".


      How can I listen to the code of "NetStream.Play.Start" and the Mouse_click event? Where is the timer placed in?


      Are there others methods to calculate the start-up delay, which can be developed by a plugin?


      Hope yours help.


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          iproano Level 1

          You can calculate the time between play button is clicked and video starts playing, adding event listeners with MediaPlayer  (MediaPlayerStateChangeEvent.MEDIA_PLAYER_STATE_CHANGE) and play button (MouseEvent.CLICK)


          Other items that can be calculated are plugin load time,  video, audio or SWF load time, transition between videos...