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    My question is: Since I did not create file folders in the beginning,...

    zjimbo Level 1

      Hello again: (Using CS4 in Windows Vista)


      When I open up "Adobe Premiere Auto Save Files" it is a long list of all my projects. There is my Project with its Copy and all the associated files below it. Nothing I'm sure you're not familiar with.


      My questions are:


      Since I did not create file folders in the beginning, can I create separate file folders now to put these like items in?


      Second, can I put other related files from different categories like "Preview files and Encoded files in the same folder? But why would I want to do that, right?


      Is it safe to move an already created file folder into that new file folder as long as it under the same catagory?


      Simply, can I simply and safely move files to other locations without any danger? I DO NOTwant to change any file names. I hear that can be a trick.


      I want to organize my files better but I think I have read stuff about messing with these files and jacking with all your projects.