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    PixelBender IDE Bugs and Suggestions

    Geordie Moffatt Level 1

      Hi all, I've just started using PixelBender and these are my first impressions on the IDE:



      Feature Request:

      • Seperate browse paths for PBK, PBJ and Images.
      • Ability to drag and drob shader and image files into the IDE.
      • An "Export" button next to the "Run" button that exports a PBJ to the last export path.
      • "Export" shortcut, maybe F4 or F6.
      • Lists of latest opened files.
      • Some kind of Preview in Flash functionality.
      • Some way of resetting a parameter control back to it's default, maybe right click.
      • Mouse wheel over images zooms the image.




      • In the numeric text field next to a slider in the shader parameter UI if you select the contents then type a number the number is preppended to the existing text instead of replacing it.  This especially happens when you type a zero, I think its the code that is auto checking the validity of the field for that parameter.


      Also is there a document which shows exactly which bugs have been fixed?  I have been tralling this forum for answers to some of my questions and it's hard to tell if a bug is still present in the system or if it's my fault.  For example I'm having trouble with some of my shader parameters in Flex and saw a post saying you can't have more than 2 inputs.  There was a reply saying this will be fixed but I can't see anything in the release notes for 1.5.1.  A list of open bugs would also be helpful.