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    30 day money back warranty? Not!

    Derek Sky Level 1

      Just to warn you that Adobe's so-called 30 day money back warranty only applies to sales made directly from Adobe.com. Or, that's what Adobe Helpdesk tells me. If you buy your product from a vendor, then the vendor is supposed to give the refund.


      Problem is that my vendor (New Zealand) refuses. I suppose it disrupts his cashflow?


      Great! So I sit with a piece of software (Premiere Elements 8) that is so unstable as to be unfit for purpose, and Adobe and/or their agents won't make good on their promises.


      So, just a warning to be careful where you buy your Adobe product from, because there are cases like mine where the refund is not honoured by Adobe. And if you buy a product like PE8 and it turns out not to like working on your computer, which is a realistic possibility, then what do you do? My posititon exactly.


      Nothing new really... as the Romans said several thousand years ago: caveat emptor.

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          Derek Sky Level 1

          If anyone from Adobe actually reads these forums: shame on you for bringing a great product into disrepute by your indifference to the very real problems some of us are having with PE8.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            It seems like a dozen times a day I remind people that this is a user-to-user forum. Nobody here works for Adobe. We're just people who are successfully using Premiere Elements and who want to help others enjoy a similar experience with it.


            If you'd like to get a message to Adobe, you should write to or call Adobe. You can contact Adobe by clicking on the Contact button at the very top of this web page.

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              Derek Sky Level 1

              Your are quite right Steve, nor was the comment intended for you!


              I have already had the discussion with Adobe helpdesk, so there is unfortunately no point in further discussing it with Adobe: they are not there to listen. So it's best that other potential users of the software are aware of the limitations in the so-called Adobe money-back warranty and don't get burned like  I did. As Users we have to look after each other, as Adobe sure aren't looking out for us.


              Where for example is the Adobe employee on this forum? What ownership of the issues are they showing?

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                Derek Sky Level 1

                Famous press releases I'd love to see:




                'From:  Shantanu Narayen (CEO) Adobe Inc, USA.

                To:     PE8 Registered Users

                Date: 8 December 2009

                Sorry guys, we know that PE8 is simply not working for some of you; we don't really know why; we are working on a solution; and in the meantime here's an activation key and download link to PE7, or we will give you a money-back refund with no questions asked on receipt of your original invoice. As we say in our corporate values 'Adobe is guided by integrity and a set of ethical principles and standards'.


                How hard can it be?


                Apparently too hard for Adobe. The total lack of Adobe presence in the Forum, the generally inept Online support ('please remove and reinstall Premiere elements 8 - I am sure this will resolve your issue''), and the shirking of the responsibility to honour the warranty - what does this say but a firm in denial of it's business integrity? Adobe have a statement of business conduct (see below), but the reality of their behaviour falls short in this case.








                'Adobe is committed to promoting integrity and maintaining high standards of ethical conduct in all of our activities. Our success is built on a foundation of integrity and depends on trusting relationships. Our reputation is founded on the personal integrity of our employees and our commitment to the following guiding business ethics principles:

                • INTEGRITY AND RESPECT • in conducting business according to high ethical standards and treating our employees, customers, vendors, partners, stockholders, and the community in which we work with dignity and respect
                • HONESTY• in our internal and external communications and all business transactions
                • QUALITY• in our products and services, striving to deliver the highest value to our customers and partners
                • RESPONSIBILITY• for our words and actions to confirm our commitment to do what we say
                • FAIRNESS• to our fellow employees, customers, vendors, partners, and stockholders through adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and policies and a high standard of behavior