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    Sports highlight film


      I have been asked to do a sports highlights film for someone.   I have a ton of game clips and photos.  So I want to transition between clips and pictures and put some information about the plays such as stats.  I also want to be able to accent the player that the clip is focusing on.  Maybe have a oval around him or something to make the focus be on him.  Then I want to add some background music. I have been messing with Premier and After Effects.  It seems I could use either one.  What is the best tool for this type of project?

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          What is the best tool for this type of project?


          Both! While your setup sounds effects heavy, and you will use AE a lot, you wouldn't wanna build the rough timing in AE when in Premiere with its realtime support it would be more intuitive, especially when syncing to the sound, would you? Also, Premiere can do simple ovals/ vignettes. It has the leave Color and similar effects for highlights. It has a built-in color correction. It even has simple mask shapes. And of course it has a title tool, which isn't all too shabby, either. The point really is to work as efficiently as you can. You would only use AE, if you need something that you can't do in Premiere.