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    "Play Rewind" of and AVI file from a paused state?




      I have an AVI file on Director 11 project that I am controlling with Lingo based button.  I have a Play, Pause, and "rewind" button. The "Rewind" button has the following code.


      on mouseUp me
        sprite("kason_avi").movieRate = -2


      The problem I'm having is the once the AVI video is paused I can not used my "rewind" button to play rewind the video.  Though I am able "rewind" the video after I click the play button.


      I tried to contact Adobe tech support and they lead me to their knowledge base (kb408860) which has me messing with the preferences and and messing around in msconfig.  Doing that did not make any sense to me what so ever -  my problem seem to me like it would be a Lingo issue (I could be wrong).


      I was wondering what I was doing wrong with this "rewind" issue.  Do I have to add more code to the button or something?  Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you.