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    What codec do I choose...?

    Ryanneedshelp27 Level 1

      When I start a new project, a box comes up labeled "New Sequence"


      As my camera is a Sony HDR-XR500V  1080 60i and it is AVCHD


      - First Question: Do I choose AVC-Intra or do I choose AVCHD


      I know my camera is AVCHD, so logicailly I would choose AVCHD, but what is AVC-Intra ???


      So now I'm going to proceed choosing AVCHD, If I'm wrong, please correct me.


      From the AVCHD drop down menu, do I choose "AVCHD 1080i30 (60i) Anamorphic," or do I choose "AVCHD 1080i30 (60i)"





      If I'm confusing you please tell me, if you understand... help would be so badly appreciated! :]

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          Ryanneedshelp27 Level 1

          -- This is for CS4, and 1 more thing... o.o


          I open up CS4, I choose >> New Project >> There is a box that appears and in the "Capture" section... do I choose DV or HDV ???


          Then from there, I don't know if I choose AVCHD or AVC-Intra


          My camera is a Sony HDR-XR500v


          If you guys can help me with these two presets, you'd be awesome





          Also when I try to import, no video shows up... it worked before and now it doesn't?

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            Powered by Design Level 4

            The capture window is for cameras that shoot on tape.


            Your camera saves on a drive so you dont have to capture.


            You have to inport your footage.  Not sure why yours isnt working now.


            I dont have a camera so maybe some else could answer your other questions.


            AVC-Intra is a Panasonic thing with their P2 cards.




            Good luck:  Glenn

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              pebalsamo Level 2

              You are going to need to use the AVCHD Presets.  AVC Intra is something completely different than AVCHD.  As far as what AVCHD Preset to shoose will depend on what your camera is set to shoot at.  I am just going to guess that it is shooting 1080 (60i).  I am not familiar with your camera but there is a good chance that there are several options to what format your camera shoots in.  So I would check the manual and see what your camera is set on and then use the same setting for your Premiere Sequence settings.