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    Some thoughts emerged based on the OVP sample-AkamaiSampleRandomSeek


      Thanks a lot Brian.
      Thousands of thanks to everyone!

      I have checked the AkamaiSampleRandomSeek which import AkamaiEnhancedNetStream for the jump point service's implementation.
      When do the seek,we should have a check first.
      If the seektime is in range,which means the content is loaded already,just call flash seek method;
      If not,we may call the override seek function,build a new request based on the seektime and
      send it to the server to get the new content.

      Now,my work is going follows:
      1.A plugin which can get the random seek action,and return the seektime.
      2.Imitate AkamaiEnhancedNetStream's implementing thoughts, I should build a new request url such as
      http://aaa.com/a.flv?starttime=xxxx based on the seektime referring to step 1, and starttime indicates the seektime.
      3.send the new request.
      1)Whehter my thoughts is accorded with the OSMF framework?Is it feasible?
      2)if yes,would you offer me some opinion?


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          bringrags Level 4

          1. Yes, this should be feasible.

          2. I suspect the implementation would involve the creation of a custom seek trait (perhaps a subclass of NetStreamSeekableTrait) which implements the logic you describe (check whether the seek can work with the downloaded bytes, or whether the client needs to make another request ).  Once this custom trait is integrated into a MediaElement (probably a subclass of VideoElement), then it would just be a matter of including it in a plugin.