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    send card in e-mail




      I made a christmas-card in Illustrator and now I want to send it to customers in an e-mail (not as an attachment).

      I export the file to -jpg (maximum quality) and import it into a document, which I send as an e-mail.

      The result is ok, but the quality is not sublime.

      (I tried .png, .bmp, .tiff -> .jpg gives the best result, the picture is very clear, perfect, but the text and logo's are kind of blur)...


      Is there another way to do it, to improve the quality of the image in my mail?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          How far are you willing to go? You are treading upon the mine field of web authoring, how mail servers may actually filter out your image and how different mail programs might show your art differently. So unless you want to deal with al lthat, a simple image is probably as good as it gets. The only other reasonable alternative for inline display would be an SWF (Flash) file, but even there it already begins to get dicy, since potential viewers need to allow Flash in their mail program.... In any case, always provide an alternative by adding a link to a website that also shows your image or attaching a PDF.



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            sofie_jobenco Level 1

            Thank you, Mylenium, for your answer.

            The link to a website or pdf is a very good hint! I'll do that for sure.

            And you're right... I'll settle with the simple image.