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    Window doesn't refresh

    Roberto Padilha Level 1

      Hello everyone


      I've created myself a customized component from a TextInput, which I bind the text property with a property from an objet associated to the component (like a DataSource). I do that using BindingUtils. I have an window MDIWindow that calls another window. The first window has a datagrid and the second window is the register window for the data in the datagrid. The first time I call the second window, It works fine, I can use It and all the enabling, disabling things I do work fine. But, If I close the second window and I call It again from the firts, It stop working. I enable, disable the components and they dont't change, I change my DataSource and the text doesn't change. I debug the code and the bind is happening. I think It is just not updating the view of the components. Does anyone can help me with that?? Its freaking me out and I can't find a reason for this behavior.


      Thanks in advance.