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    Scaling after relinking an image [CS3, AS]


      I have been trying to set the absolute vertical and horizontal scales of an image to 100 immediately after it has been re-linked and the link updated.


      The error mesage I have been getting is:-

      Adobe InDesign CS3 got an error: Can’t set absolute horizontal scale of image id 311 of rectangle id 297 of page id 179 of spread id 174 of document "PixPage.indd" to 100


      I know I am using the correct syntax because I have tested it on the image, within the same tell block, without the relinking and updating, and the scaling works. In the event log the wording of the reference is identical, except it isn't preceded by the "Adobe InDesign CS3 got an error: can't ".


      Could the problem be that my scaling request comes too soon ... before the dust has had time to settle after the relinking and updating?


      If so,  is there any way to make the script hang about a while before attempting to set the scales?