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    animation tween effect

    inquestflash Level 1



      i seem to be stuck on a tween that i have in mind.


      lets say we want to animate an object using the 3d position its (Z position)to be exact, from keyrame 1 to keyframe 40 or so on.

      i put the object on keyrame 1 to 10000position and view and then its keyframe on 40 to 0 position and view,so it looks like a nice object zooming towards you as you see it.but how can we get the object to constantly spin around and around(like from the motion presets from the default:spiral 3D ) .so it seems like a coin been tossed.


      thank you.


      p.s is it possible i can combine 2 motion presets on one object,or just one motion preset is allowed on an object?


      best regards.

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          marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

          If you want to spin the object around in 3D space, you need to tween it on Y axis from 0 degrees to 360 degrees using 3D Rotation Tool.


          It's best if you use Motion Editor for that as Flash wil try to work out the quickest way between keyframes and it often results in weird effects.


          Using Motion Editor you can set keyframes f.ex.

          1st keyframe  -  0   degrees

          2nd               - 120 degrees

          3rd               -  240

          4th               -  360


          This will make your object spin around in 360 degrees in 3D space.

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            inquestflash Level 1

            hey hi!!!

            thanks for your reply,yes it does work like you say i motion tween and put in the values like u said,but!!!!!

            it only goes around once.!how can i motion tween the object but the object going around more than once because i did as u said:



            so thats one time it turns!.this is a good expamle c the earth here how it orbits around,imagine its on the z position all the way in the background and it orbits around and around unitl it comes close,but the earth doesnt turn only once but its spinig and spining may times before it comes close to you.




            thank you.