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    Desktop Projector Export Feature? Yeah? Yeah!!

    Jason Villmer

      I would strongly recommend incorporating a Projector Export feature in Flash Builder 4. Despite having AIR support, I can't think of a single reason why this couldn't, easily, be done. Doing this now requires that every .swf file be opened manually in the desktop Flash Player and exported as a projector file. Not only that but for us on OSX, we've got to completely enter Windows and do the exact same thing just to get the .exe projector made. I've been developing exclusively in Flex (Flash Builder 4) for over a year now and have never found a reason to return to the Flash IDE. I think a Projector Export feature would be one more thing keeping Flex converts like me from having to work in two IDEs.

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          David_F57 Level 5



          I don't see the big issue (from a windows perspective) as the swf automatically opens flashplayer through association anyway, so its a matter of why add several megabytes to the swf just so its executable(and it only takes 10 secs to open the swf and create an exe from the player anyway).


          The flex objective is to create an application that runs in a browser, thats why we have AIR for those that want desktop operability.



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            Jason Villmer Level 1

            I consider AIR to be Adobe's version of Apple's Quicktime. Like QuickTime, users must have the full AIR engine prior to viewing the application. The Projector files solve this issue by simply wrapping up your existing swf within a fully operational Flash Player. Also, there are security issues with some .swf files. I have a project now (web based) that uses xml files in conjunction with an swf file (in an html wrapper). After publishing the web project, it isn't possible to open the html page as the swf will give security errors. (online of course it's fine). If, however, I open up the swf (which will automatically give security errors as well...) then create the projector - that projector will work fine. I can offer this as a desktop version of the app without having to completely author another AIR-architectured Flash Builder Project. It is just about convenience. The .app and .exe versions are simply a convenient way to deliver desktop apps that don't need all the features of an AIR application.