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    Video Output from Premiere to TV Monitor

    austcoll Level 1


      I have been using Canopus and Premiere 1.5 for my video editing but since the high definition I had to buy a new computer and using Premiere CS4.

      My problem is that now since my Canopus card is not compatibale with Premirer Pro 4 I do not have a TV output any more, before I use the get the TV output from my Canpous card and it Bay to my TV so I could see my work live while edditng.

      How can I do it now without buying another third party video editing card?
      What is the cheapest and easiest solution please?


      My second question, can I import and edit Canon 5D MarkII video files to Premiere CS4, do I need any extra program or pluin such as Cineform or I can do it just with Adobe?

      Many thanks in advance