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    Cp4 - on success open URL/file - exe thinks my local htm file is a URL


      Hi all


      I have an odd question.


      I've built a Cp project that serves as an into and launchpad for further Cp lessons.


      I couldn't get 'On Success ... Open Project' to work on my click boxes - the published project couldn't find the exported projects, and the cp file kept on putting different projects from the recently used list in place of the target.


      So I instead made them 'On Success ... Open URL/File' and typed the absolute reference to the htm file for the other projects.


      When I exported the launchpad project as swf+htm+js all works fine, the lessons open fine.


      However, I'd like to have CD autorun for this project, so I decided to recompile the launchpad project as an .exe


      The problem is, although I've made no changes to the project, the compiled exe tries to open http://myprojectname.htm in the web browser instead of myprojectname.htm


      Which of course fails.


      Any idea why, and what I can do about it?