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    Cannot save selections in a drop down box

    Spill Team

      Hi, I originally posted this in the'Acrobat Windows' section but was told to post here instead.


      I created a snazzy form in Adobe Designer 7.0.  This form had drop down boxes with 3 or 4 selections in them.


      When I open AA 7 Pro and fill the form out, it won't save the drop down box entries.


      For example:

      One field is just a text entry, so I'll enter "20,000".  The next field has 3 selections "Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene"; I will select Diesel.


      I will save, close and reopen that file.


      The "20,000" will be there, but it won't save the "Diesel".


      So what gives?  Is it me?