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    Problem with AIR 2 Native Process?

    Green Systems Level 1

      I had installed Adobe AIR 1 before and Flex Builder 3.0 (licensed) on a Windows Vista machine. Now i have installed AIR 2 framework (without uninstalling AIR 1, assuming that it will update that). I m trying to write a small code to use AIR 2 Native Process functionality but AIR is not recognizing Native Process classes/objects. Even i have tried a sample code from Adobe Developers Center article http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/flex/quickstart/interacting_with_native_process.html but no way.


      Please let me know wat is wrong? How i can use AIR 2 new features? How to upgrade to AIR 2?


      Looking forward for an earliest response.




      Asad Ijaz