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    Help with Premiere Pro freezing after importing MPEG files


      I have

      had some files sent for me to edit which are MPEG I believe.  They will import, but

      as soon as I try and do anything with it, the whole thing freezes for several minutes!  It is unworkable.  I have tried waitin

      g for the audio file to conform.  I have tried rendering the work area.  None of this helps.  If it does play, it lasts for a few seco

      nds with sound playing at what appears to be twice the speed!  I normally wortk with DV files and these are fine.  By the way, the files I am struggling with do play in media player/real player etc.  I cant believe that premiere would not support this format.  Even Movie Maker just about manages it!  When it does freeze, it really freezes!  As in it wont even let me shut down without literally ripping out the power cable!!  Please help with simple English if possible, and sorry if I havent given you specifics that you would need.  But I honmestly dont know as these were just files sent to me on a memory stick. It was filming from a camcorder, but not sure what type.  The thumbnail says MPEG and the properties just says movie file.  It is about 2GB for an hour I think.  Thanks for any help.  My version is Premier Pro 1.5