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    CPU Constantly at 50%

    Ed.Macke Level 3

      Just wanted to share an experience I had last night...

      Basically, something was wrong with the Organizer and/or its database that caused Premiere Elements 7 to be in a constant state of ~50% CPU usage. The entire program was basically unresponsive. I could occassionally get a menu to pop up if I clicked (for example, "File") and waited a few minutes (yes, minutes).

      For me, the solution was just to delete the Organizer database directories. I never use the Organizer and actually find it a nuisance, so for me deleting the files and letting Premiere re-create them was no big deal.


      Here's the whole sordid ordeal:

      I opened an existing project with PRE7. I got the normal "Opening Project" progress dialog box, it finished (i.e. hit 100%) and disappeared, and the various panels (timeline, monitor, etc.) started to display. So far, things were normal.

      But that's really all the further I could get. Although you could see the panels, you couldn't interact with them - any mouse clicks, etc. were ignored. 

      But It wasn't like PRE was 100% locked up - if you clicked a menu item, the menu would eventually show up but it might take minutes. If you watched the CPU, you could see it changing from 40% to 50%, and the memory would periodically grow or shrink. So it was obviously doing something, but that something was rendering the program basically useless.

      Here's some troubleshooting tips I tried:

      • I assumed my project was corrupted, so I tried opening a new project. Same thing.
      • I removed PRE7 with Add/Remove programs, re-installed. Same thing.
      • An internet post pointed me to Organizer issues. Since PSE and PRE use the same Organizer files, but the actual Organizers are a little different, I figured I'd see what PSE would do. I opened PSE's Organizer and while it didn't "hang" like PRE was doing, almost all of the thumbnails were blank.
      • PSE has an Organizer Repair option, so I tried that. It said it found no problems, but offered to "Repair Anyway", which I did. PSE reported that it had "Repaired" the database, and it looked like some (maybe all?) of the thumbnails re-appeared.  But, when I opened PRE I still had the problem.
      • Suspecting that the Organizer files were somehow corrupt, and since I don't use Organizer anyway, I blew the Organizer data files away. I figured I had nothing to lose - since PRE was completely unusable,  how much worse could it be?
      • Well, lo and behold, that fixed the problem. When I opened PRE, new or existing projects worked just fine. The Organizer was empty, but other than that, everything was back to normal.


      Well... there's 6 hours of my life I won't get back, so I just thought I'd post what I found in case anybody else runs into the same issue.

      Keep in mind that I don't use the Organizer, so blowing away the files was irrelevant. But if you do use the Organizer, deleting the files will completely wipe out your Organizer contents for Premiere Elements AND Photoshop Elements. Obviously, taking such a drastic step should be a last-ditch effort.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I wonder if that solution would also work with version 8, Ed!


          Regardless, if you'd like to describe the steps for "blowing away the Organizer files", I'll gladly move this thread to our Tips & Tricks area.


          The Organizer is a very deep workspace with a surprisingly number of tools for managing media files and creating photo pieces. But, like you, I virtually never use it and wouldn't miss it if it suddenly disappeared.

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            Ed.Macke Level 3
            if you'd like to describe the steps for "blowing away the Organizer files"


            Sure, Steve.


            I'll get the actual file locations when I get home tonight and post an update...

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              Ed.Macke Level 3

              To delete the Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements Organizer database files. This is for Version 7, not sure if this is the same location for other versions.

              1. Make sure neither program is open. If they are, you will get a "File in Use..." error.
              2. Navigate to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\Catalogs"
              3. I deleted both the "Catalog" directory and the "My Catalog" directory.

              That's all I had to do.

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                paulgoelz Level 1

                This is remarkably similar to an issue I had.  I placed about 100 h.264 assets (about 1-3 minutes each) on the timeline in a new project.  PE7 choked and then did what you describe every time I tried to open ANY project after that.... it froze with CPU activity.  In my case, the CPU activity eventually ceased but the program never became responsive after that.  Since I could not open the "offending" project to remove the assets, I renamed the parent folder for the assets.  This took them offline and I could once again open PE7.  Once open, I removed the offline assets and everything was back to as normal as it gets with PE.


                I too have never paid any attention to the organizer, but I am wondering if it isn't maybe the prime offender when it comes to consuming scarce 32 bit resources?  In my experience, PE7 works fairly well until it runs out of resources.  Trouble is that it runs out of resources long before I am finished with a typical 1-2 hour HD project, rendering it unusable.  By contrast, Vegas Movie Studio never seems to run out of resources regardless of the size or number of assets.


                If you delete the organizer database, does PE regenerate it, or perhaps start from scratch with any freshly added assets?  That would be simple to deal with..... periodically delete the database with a batch file when starting PE.  Or maybe with each boot?



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  If blowing the datafiles away solves the problem, I wonder if you can accomplish the same thing simply by making a new, blank catalog, never putting anything into it and using it as your default Organizer catalog.

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                    I had the same thing and finally found the little tiny button on the organizer window at the top. It looks like sergeant stripes. I clicked on that and went down to preferences and then another panel opened beside that one and went to the analyzer and shut it off. It runs day and night wether you are using premiere or not. My Cpu was at 70%. I think it's called auto analyzer. That's the only place you can shut it off and it's really hard to find. Hope this helps. One other thing that will make it run like that it cool'nquiet cpu thing in the bios.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      As an experiment, I created a new, empty catalog for my Organizer and have been using it as my default catalog. And, when new clips and photos are automatically added to the catalog, I immediately remove them from the Organizer.


                      Believe it or not, Premiere Elements runs much more efficiently -- per your experience! It doesn't run perfectly, and it still requires way too much power. But it does make a difference in how quickly it starts up and responds.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Just thinking here, especially as I do not use the Organizer in my work, but I wonder if Adobe would not be smart to separate Organizer from PrE. My suggestion would be rather like what they did with Adobe Media Encoder (AME) in PrPro CS4. AME is now a separate program. It can be launched from within PrPro, when needed, or started from the Desktop. This is exactly how Adobe Bridge (the program that does the job of Organizer, for programs in the Adobe "suites"). Especially with PrE 8, Organizer seems to have the potential for some hangups, but is still an integral part of PrE. It seems that users need to rather by-pass it, with switches, and workarounds.


                        Maybe there are compelling reasons to NOT do that, but with it separate, the user could invoke it, when necessary, but it would be dormant, when not in use.


                        Again, just thinking,



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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          You could well be right, Hunt.


                          Early versions of Photoshop Elements did, in fact, include Adobe Bridge, strangely enough. But this was eventually replaced with the Organizer -- which includes more dynamic tools (a slideshow maker, a calendar creator, a photo and scrapbook maker, in addition to its backup system and auto analyzer), but isn't nearly as neat and efficient.