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    Help me decide my next consumer grade camcorder upgrade



      I use PPro 1.5

      I don’t have anyone I can talk to about this.  I am going to open it up to the forum community which has helped me so much in the past.  I’ve been using PPro since 2002.  I almost exclusively work with my own home video but sometimes will accept outside work to help pay for my system and camcorder upgrades. I shoot about eight hours of video a year with my camcorders and am up to 2004 on my editing.  I usually end up with about half of what I shoot being worth keeping.


      Camcorders I own;


      Sony TRV65 – Analog Hi8

      Sony TRV240 - Digital 8, has good pass through analog->DV conversion

      Sony TRV950 – MiniDV SD 3CCD, has good pass through analog->DV conversion


      When I upgraded from the TRV65 to the TRV240 the quality improvement was great.  Upgrading to the TRV950 was not nearly the quality per dollar benefit but there was a noticeable improvement jumping to the 3CCDs.


      I have been considering an HD camcorder for some time and have been lurking around the forums here and other sites.  This is a “what if” I’ve been playing around with.


      What if I bought a Canon HV30 refurbished from Tigerdirect.com for $500?


      It could still play/capture my extensive backlog/inventory of SD MiniDV tapes.  I could begin to shoot in HD and accumulate HDV tapes for editing.  I will need to upgrade my system (Tyan Thunder K7 S2462NG) and Video Collection Professional before I can even think about making the editing jump. That is a couple of years away.


      I could sell the TRV65 on ebay.  Amazingly it still has some value due to its legendary “Xray” capabilities.  It might bring $100-$300.  I could sell the TRV950 on ebay too.  It might bring $300-$500.  I could possibly come out money ahead.  I need to.  I have right next to NO MONEY.


      I’d like to open this up to discussion.  Thanks in advance.