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    SpiderFromMars Level 1

      Why is NULL written to the error log when CFABORT is called within a CFTHREAD?



      Isn't it best practice to terminate the thread programatically at the end of the code or when some error condition arises?

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          Not sure about the part about being inside cftthread, but, there is no need to abort at the end of the code.  It simply stops.  Also, since cf stops executing when errors occur, you have to do some extra work to get a cfabort to run.

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            -==cfSearching==- Level 4

            Yes, I do not see a need to abort the thread either. Plus, by using abort, change the thread's status to "terminated". If it finished without error, it would normally be "completed".  So I think you should let it finish on its own and let CF handle it.



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