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    Protecting D11 EXE

      I have used armadillo passport protection software for years to protect my director exe files.

      As of director 11 i now recieve the familiar error:

      Unable to load movie playlist. Does the .INI file exist? It must contain a section '[Movies]' with an entry 'Movie01=Pathname.dir'.

      This error is usually linked to 125 char pathname ref's which is not the case here.

      I am flustered as it seems i have hit a roadblock in protecting my director exe's, i have also tried the latest version of armadillo with same results... perhaps someone out there can recommend using another piece of copy protection software that they have got to work with d11 exe's . Perhaps there is a workaround?

      Any help appreciated Cheers Bruce
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          bruce34567 Level 1
          I have now tried 2 other exe protection programs with no success, Adobe NEEDS to fix this as soon as possible as it now seems i cannot protect and create trials of any of my D11 software products .... Can someone at Adobe please look into this extremely large problem.
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            bruce34567 Level 1
            Hoping someone in the community will confirm or deny my findings. I need to get to the bottom of this as i have 2 products ready to go and a client wondering what the holdup is.

            Thank you in advance Cheers Bruce
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              Level 7
              I don't have a definitive answer for you, but most protection schemes
              can be duplicated in Lingo without relying on a 3rd party wrapper. If
              it turns out that there are no 3rd party wrappers that will work on D11
              programs yet, then I would advise you look into writing the code
              yourself, or hiring someone to do it.
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                Chunick Level 3
                curious... do you publish your projector to an .exe? If so, after using the 3rd party protection scheme is the file still the same size or much smaller... say, the size of the projec32.skl file in the Director program folder?...
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                  bruce34567 Level 1
                  i publish to exe.

                  the file size after wrapping with protection depends on my protection settings, in Software Passport i have tried compression, no compression, fake header and location, and leave completely alone etc.... all without success.

                  Good news though!

                  I have now found a protection program that seems to avoid the error i have been getting, called PC Guard, i am not sure if this is the one i want to buy but at least i know that some programs can protect d11 exe's now..... phew .... i will test a few more protection programs out soon.