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    Multi-machine rendering on non-identical hardware produces flicker

    Imaginary Rob Level 1

      Hi folks,


           I'm using a renderfarm manager to break up a large AE render into pieces and render different frameranges on different machines.  My render nodes are of two different hardware types -- a bunch of oldern (Dell 1850) dual-proc nodes, and a couple of newer 8-core Xeon machines.


           I'm finding that the two different types of hardware produce slightly lighter/darker output.  My current test is loading a Quicktime movie w/ standard Photo-JPEG codec, applying no effects, just placing it into its own comp and rendering out as an image sequence.  The 8-cores produce slightly darker output than the others.


           The OSes, AE versions, QT versions are the same, I've confirmed that "Render using OpenGL" is unchecked in the render settings for the comp.


           Anyone know what else could be responsible for this difference?  It's slight, but significant enough to produce a slight flickering effect in the final output.


           Thanks in advance for any ideas!