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    URGEND -  AE CS4 doesnt support all of a sudden AVCHD anymore!


      Hey everyone,


      everything was working fine. I could import AVCHD footage in AE and PP. Then i added soundbooth CS4

      afterwards as I have not installed it with my first installation. I am not sure if that is a reason but today

      I started AE and PP and it says:


      After Effects error: Can't import file "00021.MTS": unsupported filetype or extension (0 :: 1)


      I then did an upgrade which included something like Hotfix for importing ACV HD material.... for premiere. Now

      I again an import acvhd material back in PP but still not in AE which is really enjoy as I need to work

      on a project.


      What can I do? What happened? Any help much appreciated!