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    Maintain photo sequence importing to LR2?


      A new LR2 user, I need to import 3000+  already edited bird photos from  Apple IPhoto albums, in which I had over several years painstakingly put the photos in each album in a sequence very different from date-based filenames. IPhoto allows me to export each album photo in my sequence to a folder on my computer, using a prefix and sequential numbers to replace the date-based filenames. When I import to LR2 from that folder by the "Add photos to catalog without moving" method in the LR2 import dialog box (and only that method) the photos DO come into the "current import"/ "previous import" section in LR2's Library/Catalog. But the moment I try to convert these photos, now sequenced properly for me in LR2, into an LR2 "Collection", LR 2 automatically converts all the photos back into a sequence by their original date-based filenames, a disaster for me. I cannot believe that LR2 does not contemplate the need for some photographers to import photos into LR2 in an already established non date-based sequence, and to keep them that way in LR2 Collections. I would greatly appreciate assistance on what I'm doing wrong and how to do it right to keep my original photo sequence.  Many thanks!