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    photoshop styles

    IgnacioGaldames Level 1


      when i open my .psd yn catalkyst, the styles are not shown, y have to remake them in catalyst, but they are not the same. inf act, is very annoying the add effect to every layer. in im just with bevel an drop shadow.


      it cant be just ready with the styles?

      i have to make every estyle again?

      y why are not the same ways t do them?, i dont want to rater every text layer with effects...


      i hope it help to the devoloping of a great product

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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe)

          Hi, thanks for your post. In Catalyst 1.0, if you want to import live text from Photoshop files, effects are dropped on import as you've observed. However the appearance of effects applied to text layers, shape layers, or raster layers in Photoshop can be preserved with certain import settings. For example, if you choose the "Vector outlines" option for text in Catalyst's Photoshop import dialog, the appearance of a drop shadow is preserved (it's extracted to a separate layer).



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