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    Clicking on open area in MenuBar throws error

    lee704 Level 1

      I have an application with a MenuBar that gets its data from an XMLListCollection.  The MenuBar operates as expected when you click one of the menu items.  However, when you click any open area of the menu (blank area), the following error is thrown:


      TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert mx.controls::MenuBar@13bda3c1 to mx.controls.menuClasses.MenuBarItem.
          at com.views::publicCanvas/mouseClick()[C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\ifqgt\src\com\views\publicCan vas.mxml:41]
          at com.views::publicCanvas/__menuBar_click()[C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\ifqgt\src\com\views\publ icCanvas.mxml:55]


      Any idea how to fix this?