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    uxk Level 1


      It is very frustrating to move the diamond shape of the motion tween or to even delete an unwanted diamond shape on the timeline.

      Any ideas.

      Thank you


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          Could you just do a classic tween? Then you won't have to deal with the diamonds.

          I assume you thought of this but I thought I would throw that  idea out there.

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            uxk Level 1

            I understand classic tween is much simpler and less head ache. My question is for the new Flascj CS4 developers

            who supposedly are enhancing user experience. I find it the contrary. CS4 has plenty of flaws.

            Unless you can prove to me otherwise how to edit the position of the diamond shape on the motion tween. I cannot even delete it!!

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              Nate400 Level 1

              Ok perhaps this info will help


              open the motion editor panel


              select your tween object


              go to motion editor window and right click on problem keyframes and say delete.


              it should delete just that frame(or diamond as mentioned previously) leaving the rest of the path untouched

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                Rothrock Level 5

                To move the position of a property keyframe in a motion tween you have to select it individually. You can do this by holding the command key (control key on a windows machine) and clicking the diamond symbol.


                Another way to move it would be to use the motion editor. In that case you can click the little dots which represent properties on a given key frame and drag them around. However you might accidentally drag them up and down (which would change the property instead of the keyframe) so if you use the motion editor be sure to hold the shift key while you drag to constrain the motion.

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                  Rothrock Level 5

                  As for deleting a property keyframe you can right click on the diamond and select Clear Keyframe and then select which type of properties you want to clear or clear them all. (Only clearing them all is guaranteed to remove the diamond.)


                  I don't know if there is a keyboard shortcut for that. I wish there was....

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                    uxk Level 1

                    I was able to delete the diamond using the motion editor. However, I could MOVE the diamond say from frame 23 to frame 27 on the timeline, using the command + click (Mac). Can you please advise what I am doing wrong.

                    Thank you for the prompt feedback

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                      Nate400 Level 1

                      to do this on my pc I:


                      deselect any thing that may be selected in the timeline so you are starting clean


                      hold down command


                      click the diamond keyframe on the timeline with the left mouse button


                      let go of the command key


                      let go of the mouse button


                      the diamond should now be selected


                      then you can click and hold the diamond with the mouse and move the diamond to the desired frame

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                        Rothrock Level 5

                        Yeah. What nate said. Command click to select the property keyframe. Let go. Then regular click and drag to move it around.

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                          Nate400 Level 1

                          the keyframe will actually stay selected until you click somehwere else so I guess you don't have to hold the left mouse button the

                          whole time in the end