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    Can't set as runnable application


      I have a folder structure that looks like this in my flex project:




      - -App.mxml (default application)


      - -minigame1

      - - -src

      - - - -Mini1.as

      - -minigame2

      - - -src

      - - - -Mini2.as


      I want to set Mini1.as and Mini2.as to be runnable but if I right click on it in package explorer, the 'Run application' is greyed out.


      If I go to Properties and select Flex Applications I can only see this folder structure:




      - -App.mxml (default)


      Rearranging the folder structure is not an option for me.


      Does anyone know how I can run the Mini#.as files?


      Also, is there a good tutorial/information page on setting up a flexconfig.xml file anywhere? I've tried making one but Flex doesn't want to recognize half of the entries in it.