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    SystemManager and Garbage Collection

    Adobe Joe Kenobi Level 1

      Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the SystemManager and Garbage Collection. I have and application that loads in its assets via a swc created in Flash. In that swc I have different MovieClips that act as the different screens of my application each one being tied to its own custom class. For example one MovieClip is a login screen another is the main menu etc. These screens contain components, text fields and animations. The problem that I am having is when I move from one screen to the other the garbage collector is not cleaning up everything. There are still references to the MovieClips that have animations for example. So even though I remove the screen via removeChild and set the variable reference to that object to null it is not releasing the MovieClips. When I pull it up in the profiler it shows me that SystemManager is holding references to them. Also if I debug the applicaion and look inside the instance of the MovieClip I can see that the private property "listeners" has values, but I am not adding listeners. It appears that the SystemManager is adding listeners. Does anyone know how I can clear these listeners or force the SystemManager to release these items. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. I am fairly new to dealing with memory management and garbage collection in Flex. I am using Flash CS4 to create the swc and Flash Builder 4 Beta with the 3.4 framework and Flash Player 10 to create the app. If you need me to clarify any of this please let me know. Again any help or ideas on where to go from here would be great!