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    Coverting an .ai to a .bmp for Flash

    mentlity Level 1

      I have an .ai document a client gave me, it is 856 x 595. I tried to convert to a .bmp but when I get the converted bmps into Flash they are jagged. How can I get rid of the jagged edges?


      This is what I did


      Opened in AI CS4 and exported the .ai file as a .psd file

      chose resolution 72 ppi

      options = write layers

      maximum editability

      anti alias


      Opened in Photoshop CS4


      ungrouped all so that each shape is in it's own layer.




      opened Flash CS4


      set stage to same size as imported file


      import psd

      chose lossy and loseless (got the same jagged edge)


      imported to flash layers


      some layers are jagged.


      I have to choose bmp as import so I can preserve the transparency between the layers of the original file


      any help?