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    Can Dreamweaver do explicit SSL/TLS FTP Connections?

    jyeager11 Level 1



      I posted this before, but never got a clear answer. Then again, my question wasn't phrased very clearly.


      I am currently unable to connect to our testing server via Dreamweaver (but can via CuteFTP) because :


      "The FTP settings for the server are explicit SSL/TLS (sometimes called Auth/TLS) and port 500."


      That's what the tech guy at the other end emailed me. So while I am able to specify the port via ":" prefix in the FTP host name, I am unable to find anything that allows me to select explicit SSL/TLS encryption. This is what's preventing me from connecting with Dreamweaver CS4.


      Does anyone know of a way for me to connect via explicit SSL/TLS? Perhaps a Dreamweaver extension, even?