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    Importing m2ts files in Premiere Elements

    MAJOUZ Level 1

      Just got myself a new SONY HD Camcorder - HDR-CX520V. Came back from vacation and I have around 300 short video clips that I have taken. All clips are in m2ts format which is AVCHD 1080i format.


      When loaded in SONY's PMB, a utility that came with the camcorder, all the files are OK, look great in HD quality with the widescreen format, ...


      So now that I want to edit those videos and make a movie out of them, I loaded them in Premiere Elements 8.0. No problems, or errors. Now in the organizer, the thumbnails look distorted. Their aspect ratio has changed, and the quality looks much more inferior. When I double click a clip, it plays with the distorded aspect ratio - almost like a 4:3 aspect ratio - and the quality is far far from what I see in Sony's PMB. As if it was downgraded from HD to SD and from 16:9 aspect ratio to a 4:3.


      Before I embark on my video editiing journey, am I doing anything wrong? Do I need to do anything before loading my m2ts files in PRE 8?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, ensure that your Premiere Elements project is using the AVCHD project settings. (And, if your camcorder records in 5.1 audio, that you have that selected to.) Otherwise, nothing else will work.


          Second, you should use Premiere Elements to download the video from the camcorder to your computer. Go to Get Media/AVCHD Camcorder.


          The fact that you're using a different utility may well be why the video looks distorted in the Organizer.