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    Help Embedding Finished Catalyst Project


      I just finished my catalyst project and I want to stick it on an HTML page in dreamweaver so I can have it on a black background.  I know I could just post the whole "deploy-to-web" file to the web but I would rather embedd it in dreamweaver.  How do I do this?



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          acath Level 4

          Hi Eatcha,


          You actually can just grab the deploy-to-web SWF and embed it in Dreamweaver. In DW's "Insert" panel, choose "Media > SWF", and then choose your SWF.


          If you look at the source of Main.html, you'll see that it does some nice things for you - e.g. enabling history management; showing a "you need Flash" message if the client doesn't have Flash. If you want those features, you should import the entire deploy-to-web folder into DW, then open Main.html and use it as a starting point.