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    Lightroom sdk

    ravi Kishore K



      I would like to know whether lightroom sdk 2.0  can send https request. If it is possible please let me know how can i use that because i tried with Lr http but is not working.


      I used soap to integrate with light room but is not working .


      Please let me know asap.





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          Vladimir Vinogradsky Level 1

          It certainly can. Here is an excerpt from the documentation:


          LrHttp namespace


          LrHttp.get ( url, headers, timeout )

          Retrieves data over the network using HTTP or HTTPS GET.

          LrHttp.post (url, postBody, headers, method, timeout )
          Sends or retrieves data using HTTP or HTTPS POST.

          A word of caution though. HTTPS requests will fail if your certificate is self-signed or otherwise invalid.

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            Vladimir Vinogradsky Level 1

            Also it looks like your question about SOAP integration has already been answered a few days ago. Lightroom doesn't support Lua modules (at least in version 2, I'm not sure whether version 3 is going to offer more flexibility here), so if you're thinking about using lua socket (or any binary module), that won't work.