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    Any advice for teacher struggling with scratch disk problems?

    st joan of arc



      Just wondering if anyone out there has advice for me. I am a Media Teacher with very little technical expertise. We use Premiere Elements 4.0 in my school. This is accessible to students on the school network but is located on a separate drive. I am experienceing a lot of problems at the moment which I suspect may be to do with having multiple users. The students work in groups. Some of them do not seem to be able to access their current coursework - a scratch disk error message comes up and they are asked if they want to locate the scratch disks into their own area of the school network. As personal space is very limited, they always say no, and then cannot access the projects. Other students do not have this problem. The scratch disks are located by default to the same drive as the main work.


      A further problem is that in one project, the clips in the second half of the project seem to be 'offline'. I have seen this before and have been able to fix it by locating the clip in the project menu and using 'locate media' to reconnect it. However, this time round, the clip can be seen and runs perfectly in the project menu. It also looks as normal on the timeline. It is only in the viewing window that it comes up as offline. The locate media option isn't available. If I save as an avi, the offline message appears, so the project burns as it appears in the viewing window. If I drag the clips down from the project area and reconstruct, everything plays normally until I close the project down and open it again, when the clips are back offline. I can tell something strange is going on because the project is loading very quickly - it was taking a couple of minutes previously.


      Any advice at all would be welcome, as we are near the end of the coursework and the projects we can't access represent a term's work for the students!