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    Easiest wat to replace all HTML with FLEX?


      Hey guys, I'm very new to Flex, but I'm really excited about it's capabilities. I have a project already completely created in HTML and PHP and I was looking to basically replace all my HTML tables/buttons/input boxes and what-have-you with Flex. I've seen a few tutorials on creating HTTPServices and stuff, but I was wondering is there an easier way? Can I keep all my PHP the same, and just make my GUI in Flex and use it the same way as I used HTML? Thanks for any replies!

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          As far as replacing your existing HTML with Flex, as you might imagine, you don't really want to do exactly that.


          Instead, you will learn about Flex and decide when to simply replace something in your HTML with something in Flex, and when to do something different and better in Flex, but that is what you really meant.


          So on that front, I usually recommend starting at the top of the Flex Builder help system and working your way down. You'll soon get a good introduction into Flex in general, the Flex event model, containers and controls, etc.


          Don't forget the ChikaraDev tutorials and sample programs:




          You probably can eep your existing PHP, and connect to it using HTTPService, it all depends on how the data is being returned. It might currently be returned as text, and you might decide after studying Flex a bit to return it as XML or JSON.


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