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    Webservice get/send securely in non-secure shell?


      Hey all,


      Perhaps I'm btiing off things a bit too complicated for someone who has never used FLEX before, but I've got to do some research and then build a mock sample for the company I work for.


      What we're trying to do is allow users to login via flex to their account w/o ever leaving the current page they're viewing. Currently they are taken to another area and system altogether so as to jump from the non-secure to secure server.


      So the plan is to just click the login button and stay right there the whole time for a seamless experience. I had asked if this was possible at all previously and heard about the SecureHTTPChannel method as well as the SecureAMFChannel one.


      I have gotten Flex to see our wsdl and pull a string of data via the WebService function, throw it in a DataGrid, but honestly have no clue whatsoever where to even start moving towards now in order to get to the intended goal mentioned above.


      Can someone please help point me in a general direction as to what needs to happen and what general methods need to be employed to get there? Thanks for any help!