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    Upgrade to 7 now no OpenGL




      I just upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit from Vista 64 bit.


      I have a Dell Precision T5400 with Quad 2.33Ghz Xeon's, 8 Gigs of Ram, and a Quadro FX 3700.


      After installing the upgrade all of my applications work fine except for Affter Effects, i'm running the lastest CS4 edition. 9.0.2 I believe. Affter Effects will not let me enable OpenGL because it says I do not have an OpenGL 2.0 compatible card installed.


      I tried updated my video card drivers from Nvidia. I installed the Windows 7 64bit drivers (the 191.66_Quadro Release). Then restarted still nothing.


      This happened to me before in Vista after I installed new drivers, and then rolled back to the previous version and it worked fine...


      I can not find any other Windows 7 Drivers on nvidia's website however...