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    Problem with graphic pixel aspect ratio


      I have a client who gave me several jpegs that they want to use in their video.  The project is standard DV- NTSC.  Several of the photos are interpretted by Premiere as having a pixel aspect ratio of 1.3333.  Of course, when I add these to the timeline, they look distorted (squashed).  Yet when I open these jpegs in Photoshop, that program indicates that they have a pixel aspect ratio of 1.0.  Even if I change the pixel aspect ratio to something odd, like 0.7, and reimport the jpeg into Premiere, Premiere still shows that it has an aspect ratio of 1.3333.  Is there something else I should do to correct the problem?  My workaround solution is to stretch the height of the image in the motion settings, but there has to be a "right" way to do this.


      J. D.