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    Component Loader resizing external swfs

      Hi. Fairly new to Flash. I'm putting together my first full Flash site. The tutorial I'm following along with for some assistance is written for Flash8, but I'm using CS3. To try to minimize differences, I'm doing my files in Actionscript 2.

      I've used an instance of the component Loader to load external swfs (my pages) into the content portion of my main swf. The problem I've run into is the loaded swfs are showing up at different sizes. For ease of layout, the document sizes of the external swfs are exactly the same as the mx.controls.Loader instance on my main swf. But when they load, one is coming in slightly larger than the original size, one nearly a quarter of the size it should be. Everything else works.

      In playing around to try to troubleshoot, I made one change to my home swf (the external that loads immediately with a Loader.contentPath command. This one had been loading slightly enlarged), I changed a guide layer so it was a regular layer, no longer a guide, then it loaded at the right size. When I changed the layer back to a guide, it loaded somewhat enlarged again. I tried turning off the guide layer on the other swf that was loading small, it didn't help. I'm going nuts trying to figure it out.

      I thought maybe it might have to do with the fact that some elements start outside the document frame of the external swfs and slide in, so I masked all layers to the size of the document. That didn't help. Is there some scale setting for the Loader component that I'm not aware of? That would cause the external swf to scale up or down to fit the size of the Loader instance?

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks