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    Rendering / Video Format Question.

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Hi there.


      I am struggeling to get the correct format / project setting, at least I think I am.


      I have a Canon HF20 and as far as I can tell I am shooting in 1920 x 1080 - MPEG4-AVC / H.264.


      I selected the project setting of AVCHD  Full HD 1920X1080.


      If I put a clip on the timeline it shows up with the red line on the top of the timeline, not rendered. If I hit enter it takes a pretty long time to render it. Also if I scrub it will scrub sometimes but other times not. If I allow the timeline render to finish then the scrub works fine.


      So, I would have thought if my clips are in the format that the project is set up for I would only need to render transitions / effects etc. Is this not the case or am I doing sometihng wrong.