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    Saving a Form with a Different Name

    gmineo Level 1

      I created a  2 forms in Adobe LiveCycle ES2  and saved it. I also opened it in Adobe Pro and extended the rights for end users to save the form. When a user inputs information into the text fields and tries to save it as a different name, the form does not save the filled in data. I am trying to create a workflow between the end user and my department but we dont have access to a database. My goal is to have the user download the form, completed the form and save it with a specific naming convention ( XXXXX-Date), then open email and attach the form ( the submit button will not work with our email client). The department will then review the form and input data into the form and save it with the same name. They will email the form back to the end user. I am hoping to have access to a database within the next 6-12 months and eventually avoid the saving and email but i need to get this solve now.


      I've attached the forms that i am working on.