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    andrewthorp Level 1

      This is my code (in my base application):


      // --------------------------------------------------


      private var browserManager:IBrowserManager = BrowserManager.getInstance();


      private function creationCompleteHandler():void {

      browserManager.init('', 'Aces');


      browserManager.addEventListener( BrowserChangeEvent.BROWSER_URL_CHANGE, browserURLChangeHandler );



      private function browserURLChangeHandler( event:BrowserChangeEvent ):void {

      Alert.show( browserManager.fragment, 'url fragment' );



      // --------------------------------------------------


      Whenever I click back in the browser, it sometimes triggers the browserURLChangeHandler, and it sometimes doesn't. Sometimes, the .fragment is null, and other times it isnt. Even though the browser ALWAYS has a fragment, so I don't really know why it does that.


      Any help would be appreciated!