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    Continuously errors


      After I downloaded the latest version of pixelbender (1.5.1) and started working on one of my filters, everything seemed fine for a minute or two until I started to get error messages every few seconds:


      Error processing image.


      Then it started to happen every time I changed a parameter. Then it happened three times in a row every time I changed a parameter. That was annoying so I closed it and opened it up again. The same thing happened. I got about a minute of no problems, then it quickly progressed to impossible to use. I thought maybe it was just that ONE filter so I tried editing another filter I had and the exact same thing happened.


      What is going on here? Let me know if you need me to give any additional info.


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          Kevin Goldsmith Level 3

          it sounds like there is a problem with your video card. Can you try switching to CPU processing (in the preferences) and see if the problem keeps happening? Can you also post or send your kernel and machine configuration to the forum?

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            Mavriša Level 1

            Aww well it was my graphics card. I really should get a new one (GeForce 6150 LE), but even that is loads of times faster than my CPU at computation.

            Any idea why my GPU worked fine with the last version of PB but not this one?

            Thanks for your help.

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              Kevin Goldsmith Level 3

              The toolkit didn't change in ways that would have made your card stop working probably. It could be that there is something in your filter that is putting your card in a bad state, it could be that you got a new driver from NVidia. We don't support that card specifically (I think the lowest end card in the NVidia x60 series that we support is the 6600). That it worked at all was pretty much putting you in bonus points. Does it fail on all filters or just this one in particular?


              So, hopefully you have a way to get your work done using the CPU (although it isn't as fast).

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                Mavriša Level 1

                It has failed on everything so far. None of the filters I tested were REALLY simple so I decided to try the following:


                dst = sampleNearest(src,outCoord());

                dst.r *= red * 10.0;


                Where I have a float parameter red. After sliding it around for a while, it does indeed throw the same error. So I would assume that it is on every filter.

                Thanks for the info.