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    Using another xml catalog



      i'm looking at an example found here in the adobde site.

      its a cell phones catalog:




      here is the main mxml code:




      if you look at the end of this code you will see a declaration calling the component ProductsView, and specifying the xml catalog that it will use:


       <mx:HTTPService id="productService" url="data/catalog.xml"


                  <ProductsView id="pView" label="Products" catalog="{catalog}"
                      showEffect="WipeDown" hideEffect="WipeUp"

      my question is:

      how can i call again the ProductsView component again and specify another xml catalog so i can have another section of products?



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          If I understand you correctly, you just want to create a second instance of the ProductsView, correct? To do that you just type it again with new info:


          <!-- original instance -->

          <ProductsView id="pView" label="Products" catalog="{catalog}"
                          showEffect="WipeDown" hideEffect="WipeUp"

          <!-- second instance -->
          <ProductsView id="newView" label="2nd Products view" catalog="{newBindableData}"
                          showEffect="WipeDown" hideEffect="WipeUp"


          Of course, you will need to retrieve the new data and create and populate a new (bindable) variable with that data. I haven't looked at the code so I don't know if there are other issues related to the display of the ProductsView component, but this is how you can create a second instance.

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            You can create another product catalog pView2 by doing this:



            <ProductsView id="pView2" label="Products" catalog="{catalog}"
              showEffect="WipeDown" hideEffect="WipeUp"/>

            Run the application and you will see the second Products tab.


            Notice in the main app file that the "catalog" ArrayCollection used to populate the catalog is generated in the productServiceResultHandler function.


            You may need a separate HTTPService and result handler to load another ArrayCollection, perhaps catalog2, which you use to set the pView2 "catalog" property above.


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