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    Trying to Link from CSH to Second (Custom) Window within same .CHM file


      We are using RH8 on Windows XP Pro 2002, SP3, outputting CHM.




      Our single help source has 2 custom window definitions--one for context sensitive topics (tall and narrow, opens on right, no TOC, always on top) and the second for the main help window (shorter and wider, opens with TOC, in center).  The intent is to enable the user fast access to field descriptions via the CSH, but then to link to the main help for those who want to peruse more background information.  Thus our goal is to allow two help windows to be open at the same time. 


      In our CSH windows we are ‘writing to the box,’ and our text is brief.  Our long-term design goal for the current CSH content is to create what we envision using in an embedded help pane during the next major product release.  We need the CSH window to obscure only a small portion of the application real estate, hence the ‘tall narrow’ window design.


      In our CSH topics, we want to add a link that when clicked opens up the separate main help using its own window definition, at a specific topic we specify on a case-by-case basis. 


      We have tried


      • First we started with a simple hyperlink, but that opens Main in the CSH window.
      • Next we tried HTML design time controls, but the second window opens in a browser window.
      • Then we tried using shortcuts, which worked well temporarily, however they lost their definitions (‘program parameters’ on shortcut tab especially) for some reason.  Are there any fixes for this?


      We have tried searching the RH help system and the forums but we have not a specific answer. 


      Can anyone help point us in the right direction to be able to meet our design goals?  Are we missing something obvious or are we tilting at windmills?