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    Missing Bullets from XML in TextArea?


      I have an XML file that contains HTML formatted text surrounded with <p> & <li> tags. The text in the <p> tags show up fine. The text in the <li> tags doesn't appear.


      Import text converter:

                  import flashx.textLayout.conversion.TextConverter;


      MXML that contains the TextArea:

      <mx:Form id="Right" right="0" width="920" scroll="0" borderVisible="false" fontFamily="bookos" verticalCenter="0">
          <mx:FormItem width="870">
              <s:TextArea id="contentrightText" fontSize="24"
                textFlow="{TextConverter.importToFlow(slide.contentright, TextConverter.HTML_FORMAT)}" 
                width="800" color="#005395"/>


      and a snippet from the XML document:

                  <p>Here's How:</p>
                  <li>Bullet Text 1</li>
                  <li>Bullet Text 2</li>



      Where are my bullets?